Membership & Subscriptions

How to join Cycle Stars Race Club

Membership is for Race Club only, you can continue to attend coaching sessions other than Race Club, choosing to pay for 6 week terms at a cost of £5 per session.

Applications for Race Club membership subscriptions paid via the Cycle Stars Club Page on the British Cycling Website.

Cycle Stars membership subscriptions run on a calendar basis from 1st January and are renewed annually. Subscriptions taken out after 1st September will expire at the end of the following year (i.e the remainder of the current year free). As a member you coaching sessions are at a reduced rate of £3 per session.

Types of membership:


Riders of British Cycling age category U16 and younger may join the club as a Youth member and must name Cycle Stars as their Primary Club. British cycling allows riders to join two cycling clubs, but only one club can be 'first claim' and therefore this is the club you must race for in open events and the club will accrue British Cycling ranking points. Any other club will be a 'second claim'.


In order to join Cycle Stars all riders must also be a member of British Cycling and hold Race Silver or Ride membership. There are a number of benefits including liability insurance and legal support and it is for this reason all our Race Club members must join British Cycling. (Do not buy Bronze membership as insurance or legal support is not included).

It is important to understand that your British Cycling membership is seperate to your Cycle Stars Club membership. If this is the first time they have joined a cycle club, youth riders applying to join Cycle Stars are eligible for a free membership of British Cycling. Youth members are also eligible for a free British Cycling race licence which is essential if taking part in any official races. Our online Cycle Stars subscription will link to a current or previous British Cycling membership number or prompt you to buy membership if you don't have one.



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