Cycle Stars provide road cycle training to both children and adults, 10 years of age.

We provide four levels of training:

1st Star Award - Basic bike handling skills in a traffic free environment.

2nd Star Award - Traffic free road riding, teaching younger children how to look back, signal, u-turn, traffic awareness ], junctions and roundabouts

3rd Star Award - this is an equivalent award to Bikeability L2 delivered at schools, which includes an introduction to riding on the road safely; riders learn how to start and stop, road position, signalling. We also cover road signs and markings. Riders get to practice juctions, cycle lanes and riding with other cyclist.

4th Star Award - This is an advanced cycle training and is equivalent to Bikeability L3 covering roundabouts, multi lanes, traffic lights, roundabouts and traffice above 30mph.

1 to1 training is 2 hours £60

3to1 training is 2.5 hours £70

Instructors are qualified National Standard Instructors, who also hild a first aid cerificate and have been DBS checked.

To book contact http://training@cyclestars.co.uk

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