This is a social event hosted twice a month, it's an opportunity to increase mileage, gain road experience whilst getting to know your club mates.

 It's not a race, riders ride at the slowest riders pace. Distances covered between  17km and 30km with one or two stops. Check with the diary to see when the next club ride is booked for and to see the distance.

There is an age restriction; all children must be 10 or above and has completed either their CS 3rd Star award or Bikeability level 2.

Coaching for the above is available, please enquire http://training@cyclestars.co.uk

You will be riding on public roads, led by a minimum of 2 cycling instructors. Parents and Guardians can also participate. Riders must come prepared, making sure bikes are road legal, wearing appropriate clothing for the weather and carry a drink and snacks. It's also a good idea to carry a maintenance kit, instructors will be on hand to assist.

Insurance: As a member of Cycle Stars you are entitled to your first year British Cycling membership for free, this provides you with 3rd party insurance. Strongly recommended!

When riding with Cycle Stars you are representing the club and we expect you to be professional, please watch the attched video to understand club etiquette: RIDE SMART

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