Watch video to get a taste of Grass Track

 Grass Track Racing

All the thrills of track racing but performed on grass. Racing is performed on a 300mtr grass track.

This is a fixed wheel discilpine unless your child is in year 6 or below, in which case they can ride a geared bike or freewheel single speed.

Coaching sessions are at Belmont School, Warden Hill, Cheltenham on Saturdayday 2.30-3.30pm.

Pre booking is required email http://training@cyclestars.co.uk

Session price is £5 for non members.








GRASS TRACK RACING with Cycle Stars is sponsored by Quella Bikes if you are thinking of buying a grass track bicycle, download the Quella shopping voucher exclusive to Cycle Stars https://www.cyclestars.co.uk/_documents.asp?path=e:%5Csatellites%5C25893%5Cdocuments



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