02 October 2023
Joey looking to join the CS Academy

Joey Gill considered for the CS Academy

Joey pictured with Academy Rider Blake and Coach Steve, has been riding for Cycle Stars for just over a year, joining his sister Frankie who has been a member of Cycle Stars for sometime.

At first Joey's first love was football and he participated in the occasional race, not finishinshing very high up in the results.

What we didn't know then was Joey's determination to do well. Joey began by attending all the coaching sessions and to train hard. He has been cycling up to a 100km a week, with family, club and on zwift.

As Joey became fitter he started to realise his potential.

CS members were asked to write down what their ambitions was for cycling? Joey had two goals; 1. get on the podium and 2. become an Academy Rider.

Since then his first ambition has been achieved by winning Bronze and being on the Podium for the last two races of the West Midlands Cyclo Cross League.

He now looks to achieve his second goal of becoming an Academy Rider.

CS Coaches have since discussed Joey's ambition to become an Academy Rider; they agree he's combative which is the first criteria to becoming an Academy Rider, he also shows a dermination to do well and is attending all the coaching sessions, paying close attention to the coaching advice.

It's been agreed to let Joey have a shot at achieving his ambition, and we have every confidence he will achieve his ambition.

To become an Academy Rider, you must prove you are combative in racing, can maintain a pace over a set distance and take a FTP test to determine your power to weight ratio. Then if your parents are in support and will assist you to be able to compete in both National and European events, you will be allowed to wear the coveted Cycle Stars Academy Emblem and represent Cycle Stars at events.

Good Luck Joey 🤞

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